Letter from the Head of School’s Desk

Welcome, I am very pleased to describe the educational opportunity available to you and your children at Moncton Christian Academy. Moncton Christian Academy provides a rigorous, challenging and caring Christ-centered learning community for students in Kindergarten through grade 12.

Our gifted, quality faculty and our strong curriculum emphasize the spiritual formation of our students, as well as, the full development of their cognitive, intellectual, and social gifts, skills and abilities.

Our academic program is structured to maximize the potential of each student. Our small classes and caring teachers create both the space and the opportunity for individual attention. At MCA, we engage every student not only in a quest for knowledge, but also in a thirst for wisdom based on Biblical truths.

As a school, we are committed to educating our students from the standpoint of a Christian world and life view and from a thoroughly Biblical perspective. We understand that these priorities promote not only high academic achievement, but also high standards of character development.

The success of our students is evident in high standardized test scores as well as in the acceptance rate of our MCA graduates at first-rate colleges and universities.

As the Head of School for MCA, I am confident that after exploring our program, you will want to consider MCA as the best university/college preparatory environment for your children.

Willie Brownlee
Head of School, Moncton Christian Academy