Moncton Christian Academy was founded in 1983 as a ministry of Moncton Wesleyan Church. Beginning with a staff of 5 and an initial enrolment of 28 children, MCA has grown steadily over the years. Currently employing 28 full time and part time staff and more than 275 students, MCA is the largest private school in southeastern New Brunswick. MCA is an interdenominational school that serves families from Moncton and the surrounding region.

Moncton Christian Academy exists to

  • provide sound academic training
  • foster a wholesome Christian atmosphere
  • serve as an extension of the Christian home
  • assist in preparing our young people to function effectively in today’s society using the “whole armour of God”.

MCA attempts to build each student’s character by stressing

  • the importance of godly living
  • love of country
  • respect for authority
  • obedience to the Law
  • self-discipline
  • the desire for excellence in every pursuit
  • personal development, including a loving spirit, consistency, dependability, forgiveness, generosity, compassion, honesty, loyalty, optimism and patience.

Moncton Christian Academy is a spiritual ministry, combined with academics. It is our desire to see each student-led into a committed relationship with Jesus Christ as his or her personal Saviour, Lord, and dearest Friend. We will endeavor to see each student develop a deep desire to continually grow in Christ by understanding and applying the principles of God’s Word in everyday life.